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We've got the solution for Zoom fatigue!

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Let's Face It...

Virtual meetings were here before the pandemic. And they'll be here long after. The real question is how much longer will you tolerate meetings that...
Are too long

Speakers talk for hours and leave little or no time for audience engagement

Lack leadership

You were put in a breakout room, but no one knows what to do or where to begin

Give you Zoom butt

Meetings that have you sitting and staring at a screen for hours 

Are full of tech issues

Choppy video. Frozen video. Echoing audio. Delayed audio. Glitchy screenshares. Don't know how to get on the call...We could go on for days on this one.

Skimp on fun

Meeting organizers forget that adults like to have fun too

Hijack your time

Meetings that poorly planned, last for hours and fail to keep your attention


Your Audience Deserves Better

We'll show you how to eliminate your frustrations and help you create dynamic meetings that engage your attendees, wow your team, and keep you sane! 

Using our Experience First Protocal (EFP):
Pre-event Check Ins for all attendees
Platform(s) curation that work best for YOUR event objectives
Breakout Facilitators to keep rooms on task
Pre-event Tech Run to eliminate unnecessary tech snafus 


Adults just wanna have fu-uhn!

Who said online meeting participation has to turn you into a mindless zombie? We've got ways to get your audience in on all the action.

Using Customized Virtual Event Activities (CVEA):
Get your audience on their feet..away from their desk!
Interactive trivia & games to keep them involved in the content
Opportunities to network like you do in the real world
Event Emcee to keep the show running like buttah


Show them that you are more than your platform

With the help of our Showstopping Event Designer, you'll have an event that touches each attendee on an emotional level.

Using Complete Virtual Event Solutions (CVES):
Strategic Planning
Platform(s) Buildout & Connection
Project Management
Speaker & Vendor Virtual Event Training
Event Day Management
Custom Event Design


-Very Happy BVE Event Client

We'll Make Planning Your Virtual Event Easy.

We'll help your company virtualize your in-person events or design one from scratch.

Step 1
Schedule a call today to get a free quote
Step 2
We'll create your custom game plan for the event
Step 3
We'll produce your spectacular virtual event

Who's Behind This Magic?

Our dedicated team of virtual event production experts consist of award winning corporate entertainers, world travelers, and production specialists. And we all happen to have worked for the mouse who shall not be named. Why is that important?
It means impossible is not in our vocabulary. It means we've got the magic and we're gonna sprinkle it all over your virtual event.
Ella Glasgow

Showstopping Virtual Event Designer

Hector Aleman

Soaring Productions
Audio Visual Consultant

Jules Du-Peza

Soaring Productions
Audio Visual Consultant

Patrick Binion

Beyond Virtual Events

Creative Consultant

Dave Griffiths

DJ Aussie Dave
Master of Rhythm

Ready to see how we can bring the magic to your virtual event?

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